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Honda A1 Service

Honda A1 Service

Honda vehicles are among the most reliable and well-built automobiles available today. With regular maintenance and service, your Honda will give you many miles of trouble-free driving. The Honda Service Professionals at DCH Academy Honda are here to help you properly care for your Honda to get the most out of it. All new Honda's are equipped with a Maintenance Minder, a system that alerts you when specific service and maintenance items should be performed based on your unique driving patterns. Each specific service is represented by a letter and number that can be cross-referenced in your vehicle's owner guide. The most common service code that you'll see displayed is "A1" service.

What is A1 Service?

The first digit of your Maintenance Minder service code is always a letter - either an "A" or a "B". An "A" signals that it is time for your engine's oil and oil filter to be changed. This is a basic necessity for all vehicles as engine oil wears thin and gets dirty over time, reducing is lubricating effectiveness and exposing your engine's moving parts to excessive wear. Replacing your oil filter is also vital to keeping your engine's oil clean and effective as contaminents and combustion residue accumulate in the filter and must be removed periodically for optimal performance.

The "1" is the code signaling its time for your tires to be rotated. Because of the physics of steering, your front tires experience greater wear than your rear tires. Tire rotation helps keep tire wear evenly distributed among all four tires by periodically moving the front tires to the rear. Performing a tire rotation with every oil change is a great way to prolong the life of your vehicle's tires and get maximum performance, longevity and safety from them. The Service team at DCH Academy Honda will inspect each tire for unusual wear or potential safety issues and alert you to any issues that require your attention.

Schedule Your Honda A1 Service With Us Today

When you see the A1 code come up on your instrument display, contact the DCH Academy Honda Service team to schedule your oil change and tire rotation with the Honda Service Professionals serving Edison, Freehold, New Brunswick and even Staten Island! We'll give your Honda the very best care available and keep it running smoothly year after year. Be sure to check our monthly Service Specials to save money off your A1 Service. We look forward to helping you keep your Honda running right!