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Honda Maintenance Minder

The best way to get the most out of your Honda vehicle is to follow the factory-recommended service maintenance schedule.

In the past, this schedule was included in your vehicle's owner's manual and was a "one size fits all" approach to vehicle maintenance. While it was a helpful guideline to follow, it didn't take into account your individual driving habits, the environment in which you drive your Honda, the particular systems your Honda is equipped with, or the average length and speed of your typical commutes. So, Honda developed the Maintenance Minder System - a computerized systems of sensors stationed throughout your vehicle that monitor mileage, engine conditions and driving habits to arrive at a customized interval of service maintenance items that appear as alerts on your dashboard via a code system to let you know when your Honda is due for service and what items need to be addressed. When the lighted wrench symbol appears on your dash, it will be followed by the amount of life your oil has remaining and a set of service codes.

Oil Life

The most common and the most important scheduled maintenance item is changing your vehicle's oil regularly. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, when fresh, keeps moving parts from wearing down prematurely. Old, dirty or improper oil can expose your engine to excessive wear or worse, so knowing when to change your oil is vital to your vehicle's longevity. Your Honda Maintenance Minder compiles your vehicle's data and determines when your oil is ready to be changed and alerts you with a percentage of life remaining on your instrument gauge. Here is a guide to your Honda's Oil Life Alert:

Maintenance/Service Due Soon

The engine oil is approaching the end of its service life, and the maintenance items should be inspected and serviced soon.


Maintenance/Service Due Now

The engine oil has almost reached the end of its service life, and the maintenance items should be inspected and serviced as soon as possible.


Maintenance/Service Past Due
(Mileage Past Due Shows)

The engine oil life has passed. The maintenance items must be inspected and serviced immediately.

Service Codes

In addition to the wrench symbol and the oil life indicator, maintenance codes may also appear on your instrument display. These consist of a Main Code followed by Sub Codes, each symbolized a particular maintenance item that needs to be performed. Below are each main and sub code and their meanings.

Main Codes


Change Engine Oil and Filter
Includes Battery Test And Multi-Point Inspection


Change Engine Oil and Filter
Inspect Front and Rear Brakes
Check Parking Brake Adjustment
Inspect Tie Rod Ends, Steering Gearbox, and Boots
Inspect Suspension Components
Inspect Driveshaft Boots
Inspect All Fluid Levels and Condition of Fluids
Includes Battery Test And Multi-Point Inspection


Inspect Front and Rear Brakes
Check Expiration Date on Tire Repair Kit Bottle (if equipped)
Inspect Suspension Components
Inspect Other Items Specific to Your Vehicle.

Sub Codes


Rotate Tires


Replace the Air Cleaner Element, Check the Drive Belt, Replace the Dust and Pollen Filter


Replace the Transmission Fluid and Transfer Fluid (if equipped)


Replace the Spark Plugs, Replace the Timing Belt (if equipped), Inspect the Water Pump, Inspect Valve Clearance


Replace the Engine Coolant


Replace Rear Differential Fluid (if equipped)


Replace the Brake Fluid


Inspection of Hydrogen Tank (Clarity Fuel Cell only)

DCH Academy Honda Service Center

Only your factory certified Honda Service Center is equipped to properly respond to your vehicle's Maintenance Minder alerts and perform the necessary services. DCH Academy Honda is conveniently located in Old Bridge and fully staffed with highly-trained Honda Certified Technicians that know your vehicle better than anyone and will keep your Honda running smoothly year after year. When we have completed the required Maintenance Minder service, we will reset the system to keep your data recording current and ready for the next scheduled service items to appear. Make your next Service Maintenance appointment with DCH Academy Honda and treat your Honda right!

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